Services - Jeffrey Pesner
Breathwork, Health
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Group sessions
(Roughly 1.5 hours)

In each group, we will discuss a topic, and create an intention for the group through the topic discussed. The discussion is followed by the breathing portion of the session, after which we will discuss what came up in the circle. A group session is the ultimate way to nurture community growth!


1 On 1 Sessions (Roughly 1 hour)

These sessions are designed specific to each individual and the prevalent issues in their life. We will discuss about what’s been going on, followed by the breathing portion of the session. The goal of 1 on 1 sessions range, and we will personalize the session in order to facilitate the best results possible.


Skype / Phone Sessions (Roughly 1 hour)

Live too far away to come by for a 1 on 1 session? That’s ok! We can facilitate the same healing over skype, or over the phone.


Treatment Center Sessions

If you are a treatment center looking to implement breathwork into your curriculum, please contact me directly HERE


Spiritual Counseling

Looking to expand beyond the reaches of our session? Spiritual counseling is available to you for us to work on lifestyle techniques, and practices. Together, we’ll figure out exactly where it is that you want to be, and we’ll integrate better lifestyle practices in order to help get you there. Each session, or program, is custom designed to meet your needs and help you surpass your goals. Through counseling of this style, we will be more focused on “youre insides” more than “your outsides” because true success starts from within. Inquire for pricing.